This was the first meet of 2013, there were quite a few cars in attendance but I have decided to instead focus on the Nostalgic cars for this month's photos.

Starting out with this beautiful Celica, it was absolutely immaculate
I love the contrast with the black spoiler and yellow car, very classic look
Tasty fendor mirrors too

First time I had seen this Corona, looked pretty cool

This really is a timeless look

Another S30 but in blue
Parked next to it was this cool black S30 with Work Equips possibly

There was a large crowd next to this car all night, for good reason

Notice the ITB's

This was a really nice AE86, I had noticed it before but I don't believe I ever got a chace to shoot it

I really think these little Starlets get often overlooked but they are really cool little cars

Another angle of the little beast, loving the flared fenders and aggressive stance!

I have seen this S30 several times but I still appreciate the paint color and overall execution

Notice the front air dam and fender mirrors, very classic setup

This little wagon is so cool, first time I can recall seeing it at this meet but I did see it in all the JCCS coverage from this year

This wagon was tucked away in the corner since the owner arrived a little later but I really liked the look it was going for

I originally thought his was an american car but upon closer inspection realized it was a Toyota (Corona?)

This was a clean FR-S on TE-37 SL's, I don't recall seeing anyone else running these wheels yet on a FR-S/BRZ

Other than the yellow Celica, this was my favorite car of the meet since it was so clean and well taken care of

I honestly could not find a fault on this car, props to the owner for keeping it simple and clean

Great set of wheels on the car too. you can't go wrong with a set of Equips

Supra that was parked over in the FR-S/BRZ area

This was a welcome surprise to see see a Lotus at this meet

So badass


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