This is our fifth or sixth occurence since we have been hosting this meet in Cerritos and I was happy to see some new faces and some pretty cool setups.

There were also a few different platforms that attended and hopefully going forward there will be a bigger variety of cars.  GD and GE Fits, several Versa and Versa Note's and even a pretty cool Accord showed up.

Enjoy the pics!

Starting out with one of the most famous SoCal Fit's, Note and his Race-spec GE8

Such a cool steering wheel, DO WANT!

Massive Rotora brakes and SSR wheels, what a great combo

Carbon caps on his MS1's

J's tails!

Such an aggressive stance and overall look

Loved the wing, Note told me it was based on a Mugen concept

Chris' cool Versa hatch, you do not see very many of these on the road

Cool front grille too

Good overall execution

Eric finally got a chance to bring out his GD Fit, this was the first Red GD I have seen and love the color

Mike's Note which will be going back to Tanabe soon so he is back on stock wheels for the time being

I hadn't seen Ron since one of our early meets, his GD was looking good

Stance looked good
Erik brought out his car again, fresh with repainted tips for his Mugen rear

He also added a JDP front lip which looked good and matched his setup well

Yours truly

Good to see Kenny again, Fit was looking clean 

Luis is a new attendee that Mike invited from the Versa forum, he was frustrated with the lack of upgrades available for his platform which I can definitely understand

Mike normally brings his G35 to our Z meet but it was cool to see him in his Accord on TSW's

Don's cool base GE with his uniquely modded hood

Wheel color and car color looked good

Another cool base with a great set of wheels

Always good to see Jason and his cool Turbo'd GD!

Haven't seen this car in awhile, was able to shoot the best angle of it :)

Another cool GD, loving the personalized plate!

This color was gorgeous in person, really liked the overall execution

Wheels went really well with the whole theme

Vin and his baller E-class!

Genji was able to attend the meet for the first time and he had some really cool mods, notice the vinyl on the side windows

Different colored spoiler was a nice touch!


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