After having such a good experience with the Pioneer AVIC-D3 in my 350z, I decided to upgrade the head unit in my Honda Fit project to the Pioneer 6000-NEX.

The unit has the capability to be upgraded to Apple's Carplay once it becomes available (most likely later in the year) but has a full Apple Ipod integration and can play music as well through your Bluetooth connection.

What I ended up purchasing consisted of the following:

Pioneer 6000-NEX head unit
Metra Double-Din Kit
Metra 70-1729 wiring harness
Metra 40 HD-10 Honda specific Antenna adaptor

Final installed pics with the home screen options

Navigation screen

AV options menu

Full phone integration including Siri hands-free 

Dial screen with the phone integration

The real reason why I wanted this unit, is the fact that it provides real-time traffic updates and reroutes

It also has HD radio already installed in the unit without having to buy any adaptor

Bluetooth audio allows you to stream your audio files but I am now just using a dedicated Ipod for everything since I have noticed it is a better quality audio

Full Ipod integration including playlists, artist and album info

This is where I ended up mounting the bluetooth wired mic, I will end up replacing this install for one that is more flush

I ended up removing the OEM USB mount and instead snaked the Pioneer USB through that location.  I also ended up mounting the Navigation Antenna so that it could be a cleaner overall install.


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