This was another great meet with a really strong turnout, I wasn't able to get a photo of everyone's car but I did get quite a few.

Starting off with Arnel's gorgeous Z32 which I haven't seen for a few months

Scott was able to attend this meet and just as I was snapping a photo of his car Henry had to walk into the photo!

Brian and his Z made another appearance

Mikey also made an appearance like always

I feel like I haven't seen Andrew's car in a few meets, was glad to see it again

Another Andrew's cool Z33, sad to see he wants to sell it 

Ray with his recently added tint

Michael's clean 40th on Meisters!

New attendee and his custom painted Z34 with Zele aero, gorgeous!

El Cubano made another appearance

Eric made a return to the meet with this cool little NA2 Miata!

Another person I haven't seen in a few months, Kyle with his gorgeous NISMO!

This was a cool color Z32 that parked next to me

My Z with recently redone front window tint and roof vinyl

Genaro and his Z, still looking just as good as the first time I had seen it.

"Mako" and his dope NISMO-themed Z34!

Last but not least Peter and his still new looking Z, I am jealous of the cleanliness!


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