I was able to take a ride in Jeff from Micro-Image's new Scion IQ and was impressed with his APEXi throttle controller's ease of use in both Eco and Boost modes. He was able to order a controller for me and I really have enjoyed using this product for the past few weeks.

Here are the pics of the product and how I installed it on my 2010 Honda Fit Sport

Here is a photo of what you get with the kit (Control Unit, toggle switch, directions, and Throttle linkage)

I removed the Fuse panel to determine what kind of installation I could work with and realized I had a good amount of space to mount the box
First thing I did was uninstall the OEM throttle and placed the APEXi cable between the two connections

As you can see there was quite a bit of extra wiring that I tucked behind the carpet to hide

I was then able to place the control box on an empty section of the panel (affixed with some double-sided tape)
I then focused my attention on how I was going to mount the controller switch, that is when I realized the fuse cover has a hole at the bottom which the cabling could run through

Then I remounted the Fuse box and checked all my clearances


Matches the interior well

Final setup, works really well and is pretty subtle!


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